With Paytime, you can:

Take control of how you spend your time with advertisers

Your time watching advertising is already a currency. But with Paytime you’re in control of how you spend it in a transparent exchange for great content.

See advertising that’s relevant and engaging

You tell us the advertising and brands you want to watch, when you want to watch them. If you have to watch adverts, let’s at least make sure they’re relevant to your life.

Support unbiased and independent news media

In a difficult climate of free (and fake) news, the best publishers are struggling to stay afloat. Paytime gives you a way to support their important work without spending your money.

Putting consumers at the centre of digital advertising.

Paytime is founded on a simple yet important mission: to finally put consumers at the heart of digital advertising and give you more control over how you consume and pay for digital content.

Until now, using the internet and applications has been a case of defending yourself against the onslaught of advertising. Many of us are installing ad-blockers just to turn down the noise on the average web page or app.

Paytime is a model that respects your time and your intelligence. It’s a fair, transparent model that trusts you understand why advertising needs to exist to finance content – and puts you in control of how you consume it.

Pay for digital content with your attention.
Pay with Paytime.