With Paytime, publishers get:


A new source of incremental revenue and subscriptions

Paytime gives you a way to combat dwindling circulation figures and advertising revenues – a healthier business model for digital advertising.


Let people pay for content in the way they want

90% of people aren’t willing to pay money for their news – but consumers have signalled a willingness to pay with time.


Easy implementation with no financial risk

Paytime is a convenient Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model that’s available on a cost-neutral, success-fee basis whether you have an existing paywall or not.

The current advertising model is broken.

“The ad model is as broken as it gets”

(David Pemsel, CEO, The Guardian)

The advertising landscape is fundamentally changing. Google and Facebook took over 64% of the world’s advertising revenue in 2016, but intrusive display ads and thinly-veiled native advertising isn’t working for publishers.

While consumers understand the necessity of advertising, they want to engage with brands on their own terms.

Ad-tech, ad-blocking and native advertising are tweaks. But when consumer attitudes have undergone such a dramatic evolution, tweaks just aren’t enough.

Paytime isn’t a way to outwit audiences or deploy old strategies under new guises. It’s a fresh, innovative way to let consumers pay for content with their time, choosing to watch the adverts they’re interested in on their own terms.

Give consumers an advertising model they want.

Free news

90% of people are not willing to pay money for their news.

With Paytime, they don’t have to.

Less intrusive advertising

Consumers don’t want to be interrupted or annoyed by advertising.

That’s why 615 million devices are using ad-blockers.

Absolute privacy and control

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a huge impact on advertising.

Paytime is ready for GDPR compliance.

Treating time as a valuable currency

Consumers want publishers and advertisers to respect their time.

Paytime empowers a fair, transparent and honest exchange of value.

A better model for publishers, consumers and brands alike

Paytime is an innovative new model that allows consumers to buy news and content with their time and attention, not their money. It’s an approach that’s been tested and proven for over three years and is ready to drive incremental revenue for publishers.

For Publishers

A new source of incremental revenue and subscriptions – a convenient PaaS (Platform as a Service) model where people can pay for content with time and data.

All on a cost-neutral, success-fee basis with no risk.

For Consumers

An empowering new way to engage with advertisers through choice and on their own terms.

Paytime is a fairer, less intrusive way to turn time and attention into a valuable currency.

For Brands and Advertisers

An advertising model where audiences are watching by choice, choosing the adverts they’re interested in for better engagement.

82% of Paytime users watch video advertising and then go complete a short feedback questionnaire.

Video completed


Survey completed


Engagements completed


Increase your revenue and reach new customers.

With an advertising model that suits them.